The department offers course work leading to either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science in sociology, criminal justice and a bachelor of science in agricultural and rural policy studies (Ag Policy) is offered.


The undergraduate degree in sociology prepares students to understand how social institutions, communities, and organization work and change. Students will examine the causes and consequences of conformity, deviance, and inequality. Graduates of this program will be able to apply sociological understanding of human behavior to practical work situations and everyday life through critical thinking and effective communication about social issues and social policy. Learn more

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice program at Iowa State University, ranked #9 for best value by Value Colleges, prepares future graduates to make an impact in the criminal justice system and societal response to crime through an applied and academic curriculum. Students will become acquainted with issues affecting the juvenile and criminal justice systems and how to apply theories about crime, victimization, and criminal justice to real-world scenarios. Learn more

Agricultural and Rural Policy Studies

In the agricultural and rural policy studies major, students learn about the social and policy dimensions of agriculture and the environment, and about strategies to promote rural resiliency and community vitality. Our major trains students to engage with diverse audiences to discuss controversial issues, to promote public-private partnerships, and to lead and manage policy programs. The goal is to give students the tools to help rural people and places thrive in the 21st century. Learn more