Undergraduate Majors

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I really enjoy learning about criminal justice. It doesn’t even feel like school because it’s not core classes anymore. It’s more major specific – I just love it.”

Carlos Hobbs, ’24 criminal justice


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    Agricultural and Rural Policy Studies

    Agriculture is more than just farming. It’s about food, energy, and conservation. Rural is more than just small towns. It links cities, urban consumers, and the global economy. As an agricultural and rural policy studies major, you will learn how to guide policy decisions that impact agriculture, the environment, and the well-being of rural communities. In short, this major is the people and policy side of agriculture.

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    Criminal Justice

    When you major in criminal justice at Iowa State University, some of the nation’s leading scholars in the field will provide you with the foundation to positively impact the criminal justice system. You will study the issues affecting the juvenile and criminal justice systems, and you will learn how to apply theories about crime, victimization, and criminal justice to real-world scenarios.

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    Sociologists seek to understand how our society functions. As a sociology major, you will study every aspect of human society, including family, gender, race and ethnic relations; aging; education; work; population; and more. In other words, sociological concepts may be applied to any future you can imagine for yourself.