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Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Through the Iowa State University Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice graduate programs, students are…


World-class faculty and staff provide students with mentorship, and students have many professional development opportunities both on and off campus, including financial assistance for travel to key conferences. Most students receive financial support through research or teaching assistantships in the department or across campus.


As a Carnegie Research I institution, Iowa State University Department of Sociology welcomes students to from every background to ask creative and original questions and contribute valuable research to the field.


100 percent of graduates leave the program and enter into a wide variety of occupations, including faculty, research and administrative positions in academia and both government and non-governmental organizations.

Degrees offered:

Master of Science (view admissions information for sociology or rural sociology)
Ph.D. (view admissions information for sociology or rural sociology)

Other options:

Co-major (see Master of Science or Ph.D.)
Minor (see Master of Science or Ph.D.)

Areas of study:

Social and Economic Inequality
Rural Sociology
Criminology and Criminal Justice

Why Grad School?

Hanna Bates Quote

“Since Iowa State University is a key institution for water resources research in the Midwest, I was able to gain experience in research design, data collection, and analysis in a critical area of social research that seeks to understand conservation practice adoption among farmers. When I completed my coursework, I not only felt that I gained a degree, but that I also made a contribution to the public.”

Hanna Bates
'15 sociology and sustainable agriculture

Ramesh Balayar Quote

“My research committee, and particularly my adviser, passionately and patiently provided me with great support and guidance to distinguish academic research from the development work I have done previously. They have helped me to frame my research questions about the empowerment of rural Nepalese women in new ways to add to the existing body of research.”

Ramesh Balayar
Ph.D. candidate

Arie True-Funk Quote

“Faculty in the department have taken significant interest in my academic journey by providing guidance and encouragement. They have high expectations of all students but are available to help when needed.”

Arie True-Funk
'18 MS, Ph.D. student