Dan Krier co-organized a Critical Theory Mini-Conference in association with the Mid-South Sociological Association annual meetings on October 14.

Mid-South Sociological Association Critical Theory Mini-Conference Graduate Student Participants from ISU Sociology: Stephanie Gibb-Clark, presented her research paper, “Against State Power? Anarcho- and Posthuman-Feminist… Read More

Small Town Poll members
Small town poll to focus on rural Iowa’s growing diversity

The latest Iowa State poll that surveys rural Iowans about quality-of-life issues will focus on a rapidly growing segment of Iowa’s small towns. Read More

Matt Delisi
DeLisi lecture explores Ted Bundy’s past, unsolved murders

Professor Matt DeLisi will deliver a lecture at 6 p.m. on Sept. 11 connecting notorious serial killer Ted Bundy with the wider problem of unsolved murders in the U.S. Read More