Monic Behnken receives ISU Award for Inclusive Excellence

Monic Behnken, associate professor of sociology and director of the leadership studies program, is the 2020 recipient of Iowa State’s Award for Inclusive Excellence.

The award recognizes faculty and professional and scientific staff who have advanced the university’s mission of diversity, equity and inclusion outside of their compensated responsibilities.

In addition to her teaching and research endeavors in criminal justice and leadership studies, Behnken is an active member of the community. She serves as an elected member of the Ames Community School District’s board of directors and is the co-chair of the Equity Working Group for the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. Behnken also is a sought-after speaker on issues of equity and inclusion.

“I am honored to be recognized for contributing to a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion at Iowa State,” Behnken said. “I am thankful to work alongside the many people who put effort into making Iowa State a more welcoming place to learn, work and live.”

Behnken will be honored with the other 2020 university award winners at the annual awards ceremony this fall.