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Diversity and Inclusion in the Agriculture and Food System: Perspectives from CALS Leadership

The sustainability of our food system depends on ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table. Recognizing this, agriculture and food businesses, organizations, and educational institutions are increasing their diversity and inclusion efforts — from the classroom to the field to the fork. But what does diversity and inclusion mean? What is its relevance for the agriculture and food system, including here in Iowa? Why is it important for CALS students to engage in these issues at ISU?

A panel of CALS faculty and students working on diversity and inclusion efforts will lead a discussion intended for students and faculty interested in developing their competency in this area.

*Dr. Theressa Cooper, CALS Assistant Dean for Diversity
*Dr. Kendall Lamkey, Professor and Chair, Department of Agronomy
*Dr. Angela Shaw, Associate Professor, Department of FSHN
*Valeria Cano-Camacho, Senior, Agronomy/GLOBE, CALS LEAD IT
*Erica Parker, Senior, Animal Science, CALS LEAD IT
Moderator: Dr. Carmen Bain, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology