Criminal Justice League Learning Community

Criminal Justice League Learning Community

First-year criminal justice studies (CJ ST) majors are encouraged to join the Criminal Justice League learning community!

You will join a group of about 35 first-year students in two shared classes and a seminar where you will learn about your major, crime and the societal and criminal justice response to it, on-campus resources and activities, and future careers. You will connect with faculty and students both in and outside the classroom through activities like lively in-class discussions and fascinating field trips to local criminal justice agencies. You will imagine your future career and the steps necessary to achieve your goals by visiting Iowa State’s career fairs and discovering possible internship and job opportunities. You will collaborate with an academically successful peer mentor, who is a junior or senior in the criminal justice major.

To join, simply sign up during class registration at summer orientation.

Learn more about The Criminal Justice League learning community online or contact:

Leana Bouffard